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Unleash the secret to a safe and happy home...

Nakamura, the revolutionary brand in sure safe padlock systems protects your premise whether home or office and all your valuable assets from intrusion. These exclusive high quality and durable padlock systems have been tested and developed with modern technology and expertise. No more strangers or trespassers when Nakamura is around!


”Wow! Thank you so much! This is a really great padlock set. It's much tougher and stronger compared to the ordinary clamp and padlock I've used. I strongly recommend it to those who stay alone or with family.”

”My wife and I are parents of 3 adorable children, and we've been living peacefully in our terrace house in an area off Old Klang Road until recently, one of our neighbour's house got broken into through the front gate. With the rate of burglary these days, I feel insecure leaving my wife and children back home while I'm off to work. One day my wife and I came across a store selling Nakamura padlocks systems. It was highly recommended and so we gave it a try. The design is amazing. Ever since I installed it on our front gates and back doors, we feel much safer and relieved. I've even tried meddling with the system myself and it's really tough. You must see it to believe it.”

”I’m a single woman living by myself in a condo. I know the place has security guards, but somehow I never felt 100 percent safe or relaxed each time I went to bed or when I go for holidays away from home. It is not unusual for break-ins to happen in condominiums because it has happened many times to other people! My sister bought Nakamura padlock systems for me and I installed it on the front gate. The design is really clever. It would be very hard for anyone to break this system and I?m sure everyone on the same floor will be alarmed by the noise if the burglars actually attempt to break the locks. It is really tough. Thank you for such an invention.”