Company Overview

Nakamura Engineering S/B was founded in 1995 by brothers Mr. Lee Fook Chuan and Mr. Lee Fook Kam. Since 1930's, the family has been specializing in wooden moulding and casting.

Nakamura Engineering's vision is to create a safe environment for every property owners.

Through years of involvement in engineering, moulding and casting, the brothers' creativity through modern technology sets them apart and enabled them to forge ahead using latest mechanical engineering methodology with in depth research and development to innovate a series of high quality and exclusive padlock systems.

Nakamura Engineering S/B was awarded with a certificate of appreciation for excellent service

The Nakamura Factory

The Nakamura Factory consists of well trained and skilled workers, equipped with the latest modern machineries to ensure the best development and production of these padlock systems. Our experts ensure stringent quality control through monitoring and testing of quality and durability on all Nakamura Padlock Systems providing the peace of mind while being away! Nakamura sure safe padlock series guarantees safety and security and is suitable for all premises.

Our Machineries
  • Power Press Stamping Machine
  • High Speed Lathe Machine
  • Precision Surface Grinder Machine
  • Milling Machine
  • Articulated Tapping Arm Machine
  • Spin Riveting Machine
  • Shearing Machine
  • Precision Drilling Machine
  • Wire Cut EDM
  • CNC Machine