Nakamura Door Lock Products

Door locks have always been a part of every individual's life and we use them on the doors of our homes and offices to safeguard our belongings. But then, these door locks have always been an annoying aspect in our life as well because each time we lose the key, we have to go through the hassle of finding it or in worst cases, replacing it. Moreover, the lock and key mechanism also gets you at times when you keep dropping your key trying to find the lock. Door locks are designed to provide resistance against picking, drilling, bumping, cutting, drilling, twisting and other forms of physical attack. However, nowadays it is not so anymore. A burglar doesn't care how much damage he causes getting in a house and this can cause danger to every homeowner.


Lock Protector

Locking Clamp

Locking Latch

Locking Hasp

Door Lock Bracket
( door lock eyes )
Vehicle Secuirty Lock

Vechile Pedal Lock
( Locking Clamp )


When you research on door locks, you will find different kinds of locks and each one will have a unique batch of features that might interest you. There are various choices of door locks, but the Nakamura sure safe lock systems is the best choice available so far and this product makes use of superior quality resilient precision metal which makes them highly resistant to tough break in. The door lock brackets offered by the brand are also found to deliver quality beyond expectation and that is one reason why most prefer to choose us over the other brand available today. While you do your research on door locks, make sure that you look up details on aspects like door lock brackets, door lock clamps and door latch to gain a proper understanding of the lock systems.

There are two main features of Nakamura 's sure safe lock system, which is the backbone of Nakamura 's products:

  • Convenience of installation and usage
  • Continuous improvement to ensure safety of properties
  • Continuous improvement to features and designs of lock system to focus on customizing to the needs of clients

The modern door locks security we know today is offered in many different designs and are fabricated with many different degrees of quality. Since the invention of door locks there have been many innovations and improvements to increase the lock security offered. After many years of R&D, Nakamura are proud to introduce you a new safe padlock system which comes in different designs and sizes to suit gates of different widths and cater to the needs of different consumers. These systems are coated and shielded with zinc for durability and made to last even through harsh weather conditions, freeing you from security and safety worries. Nakamura safe lock systems are designed for consumers who need protection primarily against picking, drilling, bumping, cutting, drilling, twisting and other forms of physical attack, including unauthorized key duplication.

Nakamura Engineering Sdn Bhd is a firm believer in Intellectual Property and this is shown in the number of trademark, patent and industrial designs applied in various countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China and many others. Nakamura Engineering was also awarded patents in some countries, which shows the recognition of the company's commitment to continuous R&D in our products to achieve our vision of creating a safe environment to all property owners.