Lock Protector

After many years of R&D, we are proud to introduce a series of our specially designed sure safe padlock systems, freeing you from security and safety worries.

Our lock protector prevents rain water from rusting and spoiling your padlock. It gives extra protection to secure your valuble assetts. The lock reinforcement device is a Malaysian registered Industrial Design product by Nakamura Engineering S/B and currently patent pending in Malaysia and PCT.

The front side of the lock protector is the key factor of the entire device. The design of 2 recessed spot at the front makes the lock protector even more solid while the welding of the joints on both sides of the front strengthens the device's endurance against greater damage, especially in prevention from being pried open.

Since its R&D from 2004 till now, the product has gained wide acceptance from consumers who are now fully confident with its capability in enhancing home security.

Home Security Lock Design

In order to assure home security, every house needs a solid lock for the entrance gate. It must be equipped with excellent security features, but at the same time be of utter convenience for everyday use.

Using ordinary gate locks will almost always crash into the iron gates, subsequently damaging the paint. Collisions between the gate and the ordinary lock will also leave scratches and defects such as peeled off paint, flaking or corrosions, affecting the appearance and durability of iron gates.

Another common inconvenience of ordinary locks is are the loud sounds made when it hits the iron gates, especially for big family homes when during where in the late of the nights, sleep of other occupants might be disrupted by these unwanted sounds.

Nakamura proudly presents a new gate lock design, namely the models D+ and E+. With its versatile performance and specially designed internal lock structure, annoying sounds usually made by locks are diminished. This lock design brilliantly features a protection for the lock cylinder, disallowing any sort of illegal activities on the locks such as cutting, drilling or twisting, solidifying home security by preventing thieves from breaking in.

Nakamura D+ and E+ gate locks, with their special custom-design, are easily accessible and convenient to use, making life a breeze for every homeowner.